Meet the Simply Events Staff Members

We put on numerous events all over central Florida, and our staff members not only do all the work to put together a successful event, they also do the hands-on, dirty-work at the event. You can always find our owners and coordinators setting up an event, breaking down an event, taking out the trash, assembling tents and canopies... you name it! The Simply Events team is extremely humble, and we love to share our passion for events with everyone.

Drew is one of the founding partners of Simply Events. He believes that anything can be accomplished with hard work, dedication, and surrounding yourself with the right people. He says that “we went through a lot of struggles early on with 2 people putting together entire events. I was basically the labor guy & in 2013 I swear it poured at every event that we did. But it has been amazing to watch the growth. We now have an incredible staff, that keeps growing.
Event Coordinator - Pinellas County & Festivals
Kevin helps plan and manage our festivals to help raise funds for all of our local charities and other non-profit partners. Kevin loves working on events because it gives him the opportunity to help organizations in need while also providing a platform for small local businesses to reach the community. Kevin grew up in Pinellas County, and he's proud to bring these large community events to Largo Central Park, Safety Harbor, Countryside, etc.
Event Coordinator - Sarasota
Brett Cecere is the Lead Coordinator for the Sarasota area at Simply Events, & he had the pleasure of joining the team in November 2017. Working for Simply Events has been an amazing experience for Brett, and he is grateful to work for a company so involved with their community.The benefits Brett enjoys at the job is putting together different events in multiple locations, help grow local businesses, and partnering with local Non-Profits.
Event Coordinator - Expos
Sean is a groovy, down-to-earth Event Coordinator that enjoys nothing more than great tunes and even better festivals. Sean is our Pinellas County Expo Event Coordinator, and he's quite the rockstar!
Marketing Coordinator
We’d like to highlight the gal who never likes to be in the spotlight, in fact she enjoys working behind the scenes. Gabby’s the one who writes 90% of the posts you see on Simply Events and our other pages, she’s the one who designs the graphics you see, and she’s the one who creates a story for each event we host. When she’s not working, she enjoys traveling all around the world and going to concerts. Taco bout a FABulous employee! 💓

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